Christian Cross Secret Solved

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Author B Billy Mars – Professional Geologist

Writer of the H2onE2 and H3onE3 works

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The cross is a universal symbol of tremendous significance, which dates back to prehistory; the original understanding has been hidden from the current technologically advanced Common Era human population. The first step in uncovering the fundamental meaning of the 2,000 year old Christian cross symbol, is figuring out what it evolved from, its origins. It is well accepted that the Christian cross was influenced by the ankh circle or bulbous cross, interpreted as the “key of life” or “eternal life” symbol. The ankh dates to before the Old Kingdom period of ancient Egypt, well over 4,500 years ago and must have evolved as a bi-product of the prehistoric Stone Age culture. Since the cross is a universal symbol of human prehistoric struggle, other forms of the cross appear everywhere independently.

The Celtic / sun cross or Bolgar cross, basically a cross inside a circle is also a prehistoric artifact but it developed in Stone Age Europe, independent of Mediterranean / Egyptian influences. Here is proof that a bulbous type cross is a universal symbol and has no, one linked cultural influence. As such, it developed independently in separate regions as a key to human development, as a reflection of the epic struggle.

The only physical difference between the early prehistoric cross symbols, ( ankh, Celtic or Bolgar cross) and the 2,000 year old Christian cross is that the bulbous circle disappeared. In the Christian cross, the circle has been replaced with a sacrificial man, a demi-god, son of god.

The real scary thing is that Common Era, re-interpretations of the bulbous cross continue to be re-developed, re-worked and are always associated with groups that spawn evil, death, destruction or intellectual / social repression. Hitler / the Nazi’s modified a bulbous cross by bending the straight lines, in half to fabricate the Swastika. Groups like the KKK, neo-Nazi’s, Knights templar’s, knights of Columbus and the Freemasons have all modified the circle cross into their mystic symbology. So here is the evidence that a bulbous cross remands universally important regardless of time; time, time, time, time.

To the Egyptians, the ankh, was considered the key of life and in hieroglyphic character it reads “eternal life”. Yet the origin and meaning of the ankh symbol remains a mystery to Egyptologists and no single hypothesis has been widely accepted by the educational community, ruling elitists or media. Can humans really consider themselves advanced if no one accepted meaning is concluded for the earliest, most primitive and exceedingly significant human symbol, literally defined as the “key to Life”?

If the Ankh is a “key of life”, as suggested by the ancient Egyptians, modern humans better be smart enough to figure out what this symbol meant or their own lives might be threaten in the future. If the education community / system refuses to answer why the Ankh was measured as the key to life, then they must represent an organization of death and human destruction.

Since the cross is an object of symbology, it is impossible to completely remove the original meaning from the current interpretation. A partial, similar, modified understanding must be carried through from ancient to current times. It is undisputed that the Christian cross symbol was derived from the earlier ankh, so pretty simple if we solve the circle, knot or bulbous object in the ankh “bang, bang” we solve the mystery to the true meaning of the cross.

In Egyptian hieroglyphic images, the Ankh loop or knot is often held, as a handle of some sorts. This might be an important feature to resolving its meaning. The modern interpretation of the circle cross has the knot moving from the top, to descend down to a center line position. This means that the physical structures in the circle cross must represent a movable, extendable or retractable structure. All crosses are wildly accepted as phallic symbols and erectile tissue does swell and de-inflate.

To solve the bulbous circle, we will be force to go prehistoric and look through the eyes of primitive humans. 5,000, 10,000 and even 20,000 years ago humans had two primary threats, other humans and wild animals. In fact, 5,000 years ago, humans were not yet on the top of the food chain. The top predators were most likely the big cats.

In ancient times the Big cats, Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Leopard, Cougar and Cheetah were everywhere and dangerous. The Siberian Tiger still obtains a length of 11 ft and weight of up to 660 pounds but 10,000 years ago the American cave lion or saber-tooth tiger could reach 1,000 pounds. Also these cats were everywhere and might have even been following human migration, as land sharks relentlessly farming and harvesting their human pray. The big cats were the top consumers because humans had no substantial protection and at anytime, anyplace could be eaten.

Stone Age weapons consisted of sticks, spears, simple bow, torch and maybe a shield. The Stone Age spear was essentially a piece of broken glass attached to the tip of a stick. The other primary weapon would be a very primitive and weak bow only useful for birds or small prey. The torch might just be the best defense against the big cats but it took precious seconds to get ignited and useful.

Just imagine attaching a broken piece of glass to the end of a stick with the intention of entering the lion’s cage at the zoo. Even with a broken glass spear in one hand and a torch in the other, it is suicide to face down even a 200 pound cat, let alone, a 800 pound beast. Ankh ☥”’key of life symbol must represent protection from the big cats, the top predators, because protection from this threat at that time period would represent the true key to life.

The Ankh cross, appears to always be associated with Anubis, one of the oldest deity, from the oldest periods of ancient Egypt, the Old Kingdom period. In appearance, Anubis has the body of a man with the head of a black jackal; the name Anubis is the Greek name for jackal. He is often associated with mummification and in the Egyptian Book of the Dead Anubis determines if a sole should enter the afterlife (underworld).

The Jackal belongs to the Canidae biological family of mammals that includes the wolf, fox, jackal, coyote and man’s best friend, the domesticated dog. The black jackal is an interpretive problem because no jackal is black and Anubis is clearly represented in black face. So Anubis must represent an early domesticated dog, not a jackal.

Anubis was fluidly migrated into Greek and Roman Pythian as a gods that controls life, death and, or the after-life. In Greek mythology the three headed dog Cerberus appears to be a primary example of a dog that is associated with an afterlife. Also Charon, the Greek ferryman of the underworld is said to have worn wolf ears. The God Mars has an animal identity as a dog / wolf and decides death or life in times of War. Read the H2onE2 Wolf man movie review, to find out much more. The ancient deity Anubis, has distinct features of raised elongated ears and snout. It is starting to look obvious that the key to life might have something to do with hearing and smelling out danger.

In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Anubis is often depicted holding two sacred objects, one the ankh bulbous cross, the other a Was-sceptre, the staff of life and death. What is quite interesting is that the Was-sceptre staff is a penis bone also called an os penis or baculum. And, the top of the Was-sceptre staff is the carved head of a jackal, suggesting this staff represents a penis bone of a Canidae; wolf, fox, jackal, coyote, or domesticated dog.

The baculum or penis bone / os penis is found in mammals but is absent in humans, although present in our nearest biological relative the chimpanzee. The os penis is prominent in all Canidae; wolf, fox, jackal, coyote and dog’s. It has been speculated by many intellectuals that Adam’s removed “rib” mentioned in the Eden narrative of Creation, refers to the removal of the baculum bone from the human penis.

One commonality between prehistoric and the Christian cross is that the perpendicular line, the line that affixes the arms of Christ are not anatomically set to a specific location. The line seems to float or is movable, able to almost play hide and seek along the length of the main symbolic shaft. The horizontal line appears under the bulbous object in the Egyptian cross, near the top in the Christian cross, anatomical appears in the center when connecting it to the swatskicter or Celtic sun cross and at the bottom when the devil adopts the imaged of the cross.

Studding mammal penises a very distinct element stands out, which could explain why the horizontal line moves along the length of the main shaft in symbology. In mammals the penis is commonly covered by an outer skin called a sheath. When examining or studding the dog penis an extremely import feature can be seen and is significant. All canid mammals have this uniquely strange physical structure on their penis called a bulbourethral Cowpers gland, which is rather rarely seen in the animal kingdom.

The bulbus glandis (also called a knot) is an enlarged circle, made out of erectile tissue and it is distinct to canid mammals. During mating, tissue at the back of the penis shaft swells up into a big fat ball and this ball locks or ties the male’s penis, to the female bitch dog. The knot apparently swells and locks the female dog to the male dog so the ejaculation is insured to occur inside the female dog and pull out does not occur. For domestic dogs the tie may last even up to half an hour, so a memorable element of dog reproduction. The dog also has the os penis which produces a partial erection and is required for early penetration, utilized prior to the knot locking, nut busting bang bang ejaculation.

So in conclusion the Christian cross and all references of an archtypical cross refer to a dog’s penis because when humans domesticated dogs they moved to the top of the food chain. With the dog, big cats could be hunted down and regional threats could be removed. This stopped human migration and they quickly evolved from gatherers, roamers and prey, to settled hunters which claimed territory.


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